An Insight into the CLF

CLF stands for the Canadian Football League, which is a professional football league that is located in Canada. This is the highest level of Canadian football, and most professional and amateur football players in Canada dream of qualifying to play in the Canadian Football League.

There are currently eight different teams in the Canadian Football League, each of which is based in a different city in Canada. However, these teams are divided into the West Division and the East Division, with four teams in each. The CFL season lasts from the end of June until the first week in November, and during the season a total of 18 games are usually played by each team.The rules of the Canadian Football League are generally very similar to American Football, which means that it is very each for American football fans to get into the games and follow them. Because this is a very high contact sport, players need to wear special protective gear, including fully padded helmets.The Canadian Football League was founded on January 19, 1958, which makes it North America’s second oldest continuously operating gridiron football league. This decade is particularly significant for the sport, as a number of new stadiums have either been built or are currently being planned. This is set to give a whole new face to the game and attract a large number of both Canadian and international fans. The first team to receive a new stadium was the Montreal Alouettes, who added a total of 5,000 seats to their already large Percival Molson Memorial Stadium just in time to be used during the 2010 season.These days CFL matches are broadcast in a large number of stations throughout Canada, allowing fans to watch games in the comfort of their own home. Matches are also broadcast on a limited number of international television stations. Fans can also watch games on the internet either live or whenever they choose.

Despite its overwhelming popularity in Canada, the Canadian Football League is relatively unknown outside of the country. However, the league’s international fame has been increasing in recent years, especially in countries such as the USA, where televised games are often shown in special bars and other establishments to Canadian and American patrons.